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Terms and Conditions


We like all of our clients to know exactly how we work, your vehicle, whether for business or personal use is important to you, so understanding what we do and how we do it, we believe, will offer you safety of mind that you are in safe hands.


1.2 Booking in your vehicle

1.2.1 It should be assumed that your vehicle has not been booked in until The Wrapper has received the requested deposit in full from you, the customer. This may be waivered by The Wrapper in certain circumstances, but this is at the discretion of The Wrapper.

1.2.2 If a deposit has been received in full, then you can be assured that your vehicle has been booked in for its vinyl wrap (or other works) and no alteration for these booking dates will be changed by The Wrapper at any time, unless for unpredictable circumstances out of our control. This may be something such as illness, loss of business premises, etc.

1.2.3 If a deposit has been arranged to be dropped off/transferred to The Wrapper and you, the customer(s) fail to complete this, then your vehicle will not be booked in and The Wrapper will be able to book other vehicles in on those selected dates, with no penalty to The Wrapper.

1.2.4 If a deposit has been taken, your vehicle booked in for selected dates and you the customer wish to do so, this will be at the discretion of The Wrapper, and moved to a date that suits our business needs, with no penalty to The Wrapper.

1.2.5 If deposits have been taken and a vehicle is not brought in for the outlined works in your quotation on the date(s) agreed with you, the customer and The Wrapper, then The Wrapper will not issue a refund for the deposit. The vehicle may be booked in at a later date, with a penalty charge to you, the customer.

1.2.6 If a car is booked in for works twice and does not turn up for the designated appointment time, then The Wrapper reserves the right to refuse to begin work(s), continue work(s), or finish work(s) without any penalty to The Wrapper (including repair works).

1.2.7 If a deposit has been taken, and The Wrapper proceeds to purchase the vinyl needed for your wrap, and it becomes apparent that the vinyl will not be available for the selected booking date(s), then The Wrapper will contact you as soon as it suits the business needs. Deposits for this will be refundable (please see section 6 for more information on this) if you the customer decide not to continue with your vehicle wrap. If you, the customer, would like to continue with your vehicle wrap then The Wrapper will either offer an alternative to the color/type of vinyl wrap that you have chosen, or will alter the dates of your vehicle wrap to allow time for the specific vinyl vehicle wrap to become available. These dates must suit the business needs of The Wrapper.

1.3 Inclusive details of the wrap

1.3.1 A full wrap consists of vinyl applied to cover all visible bodywork exposed when all doors, bonnets, sunroofs etc. are closed. This excludes plastic trims, plastic bumpers etc. unless otherwise specified in the quotation provided to you by The Wrapper.

1.3.2 If shuts require full coverage, the will be quoted as a separate item and highlighted as such on the Invoice

1.3.3 If shuts require full coverage, this will be at the discretion of The Wrapper as to whether or not this is possible, and if The Wrapper does not believe it is possible this does not effect in any way our standard of works/wrapping ability.

1.3.4 It should be assumed that all shuts would not be included in the invoice price unless discussed during the consultation period.

1.3.4It should be assumed that shuts would not be included in a full wrap unless this is discussed prior to works.

1.3.5 If, after works begin, door shuts to any extent are requested to be wrapped then this will be quoted as a separate job and application will not interfere with the existing wrap on the vehicle done by The Wrapper or other party.

1.3.6 Door shuts wraps are excluded from out warranty agreement. Please see section 7 for more information on this.

1.3.7 If specific vinyl (e.g. 3M, Hexis, etc.) is requested by you the customer, The Wrapper will endeavor to meet these requirements. This may have an impact on the quotation/invoice price if this is requested after the documents have been published. The Wrapper accepts no liability if the price on the Invoice or Quotation changed as a result of specific vinyl being requested by you, the customer for works to be completed. If specific vinyl has already been ordered, then you, the customer is liable to cover the costs of the vinyl that we have ordered and subsequently will not be using. If a wrap has been complete and you, the customer, then requests that a specific vinyl should have been used then The Wrapper will offer to re-do the wrap at the costing of a separate job. We will not refund wraps that have been carried out in vinyl that you the customer did not want, if at no point during the consultation stage did you specifically ask for this.

1.4 Procedural Terms & Conditions

1.4.1 Our main workshop and headquarters address is as follows: The Wrapper, William St, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 9TW

1.4.2 The above address is where The Wrapper will carry out works on vehicles, unless agreed with The Wrapper, for a vehicle wrap to be completed at another premises. Please see section 4.18 for details about the conditions that are required for this.

1.4.3 The Wrapper can refuse to complete works at another location, with no reason needed from The Wrapper.

1.4.4 The Wrapper will come to an agreement with you, the customer, in regards to the required start date for works. This will be a date that fits in with the business needs or The Wrapper. Delaying this date will cause issues with the time frame of wrapping your vehicle so we strongly suggest that you review this date to make sure it is suitable.

1.4.5 The Wrapper will provide you with a time frame of which you are able to bring your vehicle into the The Wrapper premises. It is important that you have delivered your vehicle promptly to this time, as any delay in this will hinder the wrapping process.

1.4.6 Vehicles must be delivered to our location clean and free from grease and oil, and free from existing graphics. If a vehicle is brought to us without prior detailing, we will inform the customer and offer a postponed date of completion at no penalty to The Wrapper. The customer will be responsible for finding a professional detailing company to thoroughly wash the car.

1.4.7 It is to the standard of The Wrapper that will determine what a relatively clean vehicle is.

1.4.8 We reserve the right to refuse to begin works if we deem the vehicle(s) is not clean to the standards by The Wrapper.

1.4.9 We will need to be informed of any special surface treatments that your vehicle may have had done prior to work commencing. Treatments such as micro wax nano coatings can cause the wrapping process to fail. Although we use a special surface cleaner to remove these coatings, they do not always prove to be 100% effective and we will not be held liable for any problems that may arise as a result. If you do not provide us with this information prior to the wrap application, your warranty is invalid and any repair work will be charged at a panel rate.

1.4.10 The Wrapper reserves the right to refuse to begin works if there is, on any part of the vehicle, a large buildup or dirt, dust, mud etc. which will cause issues when wrapping the vehicle(s).

1.4.11 A large buildup of dirt, dust, mud etc. is at the discretion of The Wrapper.

1.4.12 We reserve the right to refuse commencement of works at any point.

1.4.13 Due to the nature of vehicle wrapping, although avoided where possible, it may prove necessary to ‘seam’ vinyl where:

- The panel size exceeds available vinyl size.

- The contour of the vehicle panel exceeds the point where the vinyl becomes overstretched.

1.4.14 Wherever possible seams will be avoided.

- If for any reason seams are needed/necessary for the completion of works, The Wrapper will advise this at the point this is realized. This can be before works are carried out, during work, and after works and also for repairs.

1.4.15 The Wrapper will always endevour to complete projects as per time frame advised, but if exceeded will advise at the earliest opportunity with no penalty to The Wrapper. This can be through no fault of The Wrapper (such as car being brought in on a rainy day, meaning the vehicle needs time to dry off, or through illness, unavailability through personal commitments etc.)

1.4.16 If this time frame is extended due to a fault by the customer a penalty fee may apply; for example:

- If a vehicle is not delivered within the time frame discussed.

- If the vehicle is delivered in a condition where works cannot begin to be undertaken due to cleanliness issues, loose panels, cracked panels, repair works needed to be undertaken, etc. (This list is not extensive).

1.4.17 If for any reason the vehicle(s) are being wrapped at another location other than the location of The Wrapper, the following conditions must be considered:

- The location must be a permanent indoor location. This excludes pop up tents, marquees, etc.

- The location must have four or more solid sides so the area is enclosed with an entrance/exit point that can be closed.

- The location must be well lit either by natural or electrical lighting.

- The location must be as free from dust as possible. If the location is not then The Wrapper reserves the right to refuse works with no penalty to The Wrapper.

- The location must not be damp, wet, cold or windy, as these conditions will drastically affect the wrapping process.

- The location must be heated to a minimum temperature of 18 degree centigrade and must not exceed 26 degree centigrade.

- The location must allow room for the entire vehicle(s) to fit in with adequate room around the vehicle to commence works.

- The location access must be as flexible as possible towards the needs of The Wrapper.

- The location must accept any liability for damage caused to the premises.

- The location must not be a well-travelled area from other persons.

- The premises must have an electrical socket point for the use of The Wrapper.

- We reserve the right to refuse to carry out works in a location that The Wrapper considers unsatisfactory.

1.4.18 We aim to complete all work with our own highly experienced team. However, if circumstances beyond our control make this impossible, we retain the right to use third party services such as other garages, paint shops or car mechanics or other car wrapping companies at any time. We will advice, you, the customer about the prior use of third parties. All work completed by third parties will be carried out in the The Wrapper premises.

1.4.19 As part of the wrapping process, it may prove necessary to de-trim your vehicle. This means handles, small trims, badges, grills and small or intricate parts may be removed. If your car is of high value, then we advise that you contact your manufacturer approved body shop technician to remove the trims for you prior to the application of the wrap. As modern, high value vehicles are controlled by computers, you may incur charges from your dealership or manufacturer.

1.4.20 We will not be liable for any of these additional charges during or after the wrap has been applied.

1.4.21 If you allow us to de-trim your vehicle, we will not be liable for any repairs, errors or mechanical, electrical or parts exchanges required.

1.4.22 A vehicle wrap is a vinyl film that is used to customize or protect vehicles paintwork or to advertise a service (the is not an extensive representation of what vehicle vinyl wrapping film can be used for). When we cover your vehicle, it will be necessary to stretch the vinyl. This will be done within the manufacturers guidelines so your vinyl will stay within the manufacturers warranty.

1.4.23 To ensure professionalism, durability and high quality workmanship we will need to place lower tension inlays and joins in to your wrap where required. These will be practically invisible. As a result your wrap will withstand its full-recommended lifespan and you will enjoy your customer vehicle longer.

1.4.24 We reserve the right to make expert decisions upon areas that we deem to be a potential issue. These are commonly front and rear bumpers, air intakes, abnormally large bonnets and mirrors. This list is not extensive and we reserve the right to change this list at any time.

1.4.25 It is the responsibility of the client to provide or purchase quality, high resolution pictures for large format printing. The Wrapper will not be held responsible for low resolution images provided by the client for printing.

1.4.26 Due to the fact that a two dimensional print is being applied to a three dimensional vehicle and due to the minor variances in the accuracy of the templates. The positioning of a vehicle wrap can vary from the proof by several inches throughout the entire length of a vehicle wrap. This is normal and wraps need to be designed with this in mind.

1.4.27 You can expect that the vinyl could have small wrinkles and bubbles and minor imperfections.

1.4.28 We cannot be responsible for damage to paintwork when the vinyl is removed, and would not advise application on a re-sprayed surface, or poor quality/rusted paintwork.

1.4.29 In the event that The Wrapper is asked to remove pre-installed vinyl, installed by a company other than our, we will make every effort to remove the existing vinyl, but will not be held responsible for any damage they may occur to the surface of the painted vehicle after removal. This is due to the fact that not all preinstalled vinyl are designed to be removed. In many cases pre-existing vinyl are non-removable. If this is the case, The Wrapper will wrap over the existing vinyl with vinyl designed for vehicle graphics.

1.4.30 Wraps are self-adhesive vinyl that will only adhere well to catalyzed vehicle paint and glass. Poor surface paint or clear coats will not allow the vinyl adhesive to stick properly and the adhesive may fail. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to bring in a vehicle that is ready to be wrapped. Extreme curves and deep pockets may exceed the limits of how far the material can stretch.

1.4.31 The Wrapper does NOT engage in alternative methods of vinyl graphics removal because it may damage the surface of the client’s vehicle. This includes, cutting or scraping of the vehicle surface or the use of harsh chemicals that may damage the vehicles painted surface. The Wrapper only uses vinyl adhesives that are designed for vehicle wraps. The vinyl adhesive that we use are designed to be removable. The removal process will not damage the surface of the vehicle. If a client has any concerns with the service provided, Client must contact The Wrapper IN WRITING before proceeding with any charge backs or credit returns. The Wrapper will be given 30 days opportunity to correct and resolve any disputes prior to any legal action or credit returns.

1.4.32 The Wrapper will not accept responsibility for the inaccuracies in orders telephoned or faxed by the customer.

1.4.33 The Wrapper will not be held responsible for any damage caused through the workmanship or application of the vinyl products.

1.4.34 We can also not accept any liability for any of our vehicle wraps falling or (“blowing out”) of an recesses, or any adverse affects if the paint on the vehicle is not original un-tampered manufacturers paint.

1.4.35 Wraps are self-adhesive vinyl that will only adhere well to catalyzed vehicle paint and glass. Poor surface paint defects primer or filler or clear coats will not allow the vinyl adhesive to stick properly and the adhesive may fail. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to bring in a vehicle that is ready to be wrapped.

1.5 Payment Agreement

1.5.1 Deposits are payable at the discretion of The Wrapper, but generally the following terms apply:

1.5.2 Projects valued at 100 GBP or less require no deposit unless details of work are inclusive in the terms set out in section 5.b.

1.5.3 Projects valued over 100 GBP require a deposit of 50% of contract value or full cost of the material (whichever is the greater of the two).

1.5.4 A deposit will be taken from you, the customer, by The Wrapper when:

- Specific vinyl is ordered in for the vehicle wrap.

- Specific tools are ordered in to complete works detailed in your quotation.

1.5.5 A deposit will secure booking of your vehicle wrap within the limitations of that date set out in your quotation/agreement between yourself and The Wrapper. We cannot guarantee a booking is reserved without a deposit. If after the deposit is taken, and the dates for the vehicle wrap are changed by you, the customer, then we cannot guarantee we are able to book your vehicle in for specific dates at your request.

1.5.6 Deposits are payable no later than 5 business days prior to commencement of works, although we do advise that the sooner a deposit is paid, the sooner we are able to source and purchase vinyl which will be used for your vehicle wrap.

1.5.7 Late deposits paid will be subject to a penalty charge by The Wrapper, at the discretion of The Wrapper.

1.5.8 Payment in full is required on or prior to vehicle collection.

1.5.9 Vehicles will not be removed from the The Wrapper premises until full and final payment has been received by The Wrapper.

1.5.10 Payment is discussed with a partner of The Wrapper and agreed upon prior to works commencement.

1.5.11 This is not a final figure for payment if extra costs are incurred (e.g. having to have body work repaired).

1.5.12 If any extra costs are incurred once the vehicle has been left in the possession of The Wrapper, then this will be discussed with you, the customer, before any work is carried out/continued.

1.5.13 Method of Payment is to be discussed with a partner of The Wrapper and agreed upon prior to commencement of works.

1.5.14 Payment refers to the final outstanding balance on the invoice retained by The Wrapper.

1.5.15 We reserve the right to withhold vehicles if payment is not received/processed until the time that full payment is received.

1.5.16 The Wrapper does not offer credit agreements of any kind with customers having vehicles wrapped for personal or business use.

1.5.17 Any invoice not paid within 15 days of wrap completion are subject to a 2% fee per day.

1.5.18 In the event that the customer fails to make payment, the customer irrevocably authorises The Wrapper to remove the graphics supplied and the deposit will not be refunded.

1.6 Refund Policy

1.6.1 Deposits are fully refundable prior to commencement of works, however this excludes if the following

1.6.2 Specific vinyl for works has been ordered,

1.6.3 Specific tools required for works have been ordered.

1.6.4 You, the customer, has decided not to go through with contracted works for any reason.

1.6.5 If in the unlikely circumstance that The Wrapper considers that satisfactory completion of project(s) cannot be achieved after the commencement of works a full refund will be offered with no penalty to the customer of The Wrapper.

- The above is not applicable if you, the customer, were advised during the consultation stage, during the wrapping stage and thereafter, there would be complications with works and agree to proceed.

1.6.6 Where a customer deems work to be unsatisfactory, The Wrapper will only consider a refund after a full inspection of the vehicle has been conducted by a partner of The Wrapper.

1.6.7 If a refund is awarded to you, the customer, by The Wrapper then this will be broken down by the relevant work completed.

- If a wrap has been removed and another wrap replaced, then the wrap removal will be excluded from the refund as works removing the wrap have been completed.

- If any bodywork repair is carried out by The Wrapper (e.g. sanding) then this will not be awarded in the refund, as the bodywork repair will have been carried out.

1.6.8 Any wrap removals are invalid from our refund policy.

- If specific vinyl has been applied to the vehicle(s) then this will be invalid from our refund policy unless there is a direct problem with the vinyl, which will be clarified by a third, party professional.

1.6.9 If a refund is awarded to you, the customer, the refund will be returned in the original form of payment. (If you were to pay by cash, then we would refund you in cash with a witness present, if you were to make original payment via bank transfer, The Wrapper would deliver refund via bank transfer retaining proof of refund).

1.6.10 Vinyl’s ordered on behalf of you the customers through The Wrapper are invalid from our refund policy. Please see section (10) for more details about this.

1.7 Your Guarantee

1.7.1 All workmanship on vehicle wraps is guaranteed for 12 months from completion of works. The completion of the works is the date that your vehicle is handed back to you, the customer, from the original wrap. This date is not extended for repair works or extra works completed unless quoted as a separate item on your invoice.

1.7.2 All vinyl used by The Wrapper is subject to its own manufacturers guarantee and these details can be provided to you, the customer, upon request. We reserve the right to withhold this information from you without reason at any point, with not explanation needed by The Wrapper.

1.7.3 We accept no liability for the manufacturers vinyl warranty.

1.7.4 Any issues that arise, as part of the manufacturers warranty should be dealt with directly with the manufacturer and not The Wrapper, although we do advise that you inform The Wrapper about any contact directly with the manufacturer and their response.

1.7.5 The guarantee covers “normal use of the vehicle(s)”.

1.7.6 Normal use of the vehicle is determined and explained by The Wrapper definition and should not be interpreted as any third part definition or explanation.

1.7.7 If you would like confirmation of the warranty, this is to be subject to The Wrapper at any point of the warranty. The Wrapper reserves the right to refuse confirmation of the warranty if a vehicle has been removed from the The Wrapper premises for more than 30 days with no explanation needed by The Wrapper.

1.7.8 If a vehicle ownership is transferred during the time period the wrap is covered by the guarantee, The Wrapper will need proof of transfer of ownership to consider the vehicle to be still under guarantee, the original invoice provided by The Wrapper and other documentation that The Wrapper may require at any point.

1.7.9 Our warranty/guarantee is invalid if:

- The wrap has been tampered with in anyway by anyone not part of The Wrapper.

- The wrap has not been applied to original factory paintwork.

- The wrap has been applied to re-sprayed panels that have been done to a poor quality. (Poor quality is to be determined by The Wrapper).

- The wrap has been applied to aftermarket bodywork parts that have been sprayed, and so are not original factory paintwork.

- The wrap has been damaged by abnormal activity. (Abnormal activity is at the discretion of The Wrapper).

- The wrap has been submerged under floodwater at any point through the fault of you, the customer, or a third party.

- The wrap has been damaged through Motor Vehicle Accidents.

- The wrap has been damaged through vandalism.

- The wrap has been damaged by anything that would have caused damage to the paintwork had the vehicle had not been wrapped. (E.g. stone chips, branch scratches, a close encounter with a bump in the road, etc.).

- The wrap has been damaged through cleaning products.

- The wrap has been damaged by petrol/diesel spillages.

- The wrap has been damaged through use of a pressure washer/ car wash

- The wrap has been subjected to abnormal heat application, overexposure to sunlight or any form of flame (e.g. Lighters, heaters, etc.).

1.7.10 No guarantee is given to vinyl that has been sold on through The Wrapper. This is covered by the manufacturers warranty, but any issues/problems that you have with the vinyl that The Wrapper has ordered on behalf of you, should be taken up directly with the manufacturer and not a partner of The Wrapper. Please see section (10) for more details on this.

1.8 The Aftercare

1.8.1 The Wrapper Offers a free quality check on all works carried out.

1.8.2 This should be carried out within 30 days of completion.

1.8.3 The Wrapper should be given 5 business days notice of this inspection.

1.8.4 If for any reason The Wrapper is unable to complete this inspection, if requested, within the time frame stated above then The Wrapper will accept a quality check at a later date. This excludes customer availability for this quality check.

1.8.5 We reserve the right to refuse the inspection if:

- It does not comply with the business needs.

- It is not carried out within the 30-day period at not fault of The Wrapper.

- If the inspection is booked in within the 30 day period and then cancelled by the customer.

- We have not received 5-business days notice.

1.8.6 The Wrapper does offer quality and free advice on looking after your wrap to ensure that it lasts as long as possible in good condition.

1.8.7 The Wrapper does not offer a vinyl cleaning service and any cleaning that is done during the process of wrapping, repairing of removing vinyl is at the discretion of The Wrapper. Vehicles under no circumstances should be brought back for “up keep”.

1.8.8 We recommend that you avoid washing your car for 7 days from the completion of the vinyl vehicle wrap, unless it is to remove a large build up of dirt, fuel spillages or anything else that may cause damage to your vehicle wrap.

1.8.9 After this time, we recommend hand washing your vehicle(s) with a sponge and lukewarm soapy water. This should be a non-abrasive detergent, and we also recommend that you use a soft clean cloth or sponge that has not been exposed to harsh chemicals or grit that may cause damage to your vinyl wrap.

1.8.10We do advise against using a brush or pressure washer as this can cause the vinyl to lift and will exclude your vehicle wrap from our guarantee.

1.8.11 Take care when using commercial or industrial strength cleaners as they can cause spotting/bleaching to the vinyl, which will also exclude you vehicle wrap from the guarantee.

1.8.12 We cannot guarantee the outcome of any cleaning product use, and also do not recommend any specific cleaning product. This is up to the discretion of you, the customer, but The Wrapper will be happy to advise upon any cleaning product that customers enquire about.

1.8.13 If petrol or diesel (or any harsh chemical) is spilled on the wrap, take care to remove all of it immediately.

1.8.14 Constant exposure to petrol or diesel can damage the wrap and we take no responsibility for this. It will also exclude this section of your wrap from the guarantee.

1.8.15 Avoid car washes, as brushes will create swirls on the surface of the vinyl, as it does the same to paint on a new car.

1.8.16 Avoid car washes that use high power pressure washers and mechanical washers, as this will cause the edges of the vinyl to lift.

1.8.17 We recommend that you do not use any abrasive polishes, t-cut compounds, and polishes with acids or solvents in them or any silicone products.

1.9 Social Media Disclosure

1.9.1 Any dissatisfaction with service, product, work, payment or aftercare services should be discussed with the company directly and should not be discussed on social networking sites, online blogs, public online websites, private online websites (the list is not exclusive and we reserve the right to include other means not listed). Any violation of this agreement between yourself, the customer, and The Wrapper will be sanctioned with terminating the warranty of your vehicle wrap(s).

1.10 Insurance

1.10.1 Whilst every care is taken by The Wrapper to ensure the safety of the customers vehicle(s), once the vehicle has been delivered to the The Wrapper premises/entered the care of The Wrapper, we bear no responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle(s). All customers must make sure that their vehicle is covered by their own insurance policy. The Wrapper does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle that is not covered by an insurance policy. If The Wrapper is informed that any vehicle is not covered by its own insurance, then The Wrapper reserves the rights to refuse to begin/complete works with no penalty to The Wrapper.

1.11 Supplying Vinyl

1.11.1 The Wrapper may order vehicle wrapping/sign vinyl on behalf of you the customer from any company that The Wrapper holds a valid account with. We may do this, for example, for you to attempt to wrap a panel that is tired, or because you would like to experiment with the material. If so the following terms and conditions apply:

1.11.2 Once a request for vinyl to be ordered on behalf of you, the customer through The Wrapper, we will complete this order within the following 10 working days from either receiving a deposit, full payment or a request for vinyl to be ordered. This is at the discretion of The Wrapper

1.11.3 Once vinyl has been ordered by The Wrapper, on behalf of you, the customer, the vinyl must be paid for in full, even if you the customer decide that you no longer wish to have the vinyl.

1.11.4 Vinyl’s purchased through The Wrapper are in valid from our warranty. Please see section 7 for more information on this.

1.11.5 Vinyl’s purchased through The Wrapper are invalid from our refund policy. Please see section 6 for more information on this.

1.11.6 If charges for vinyl delivery, however these charges are incurred, then you, the customer, will be liable to cover the costs for these

1.11.7 The Wrapper will always try to be available for your vinyl delivery; however if for any circumstance the vinyl delivery is not complete first try, then The Wrapper will cover the costs of re-delivery.

1.11.8 The Wrapper will only have vinyl delivered to our business address. We will not request that vinyl be delivered to a personal home address, other business address or any other address to ensure the condition of the vinyl.

1.11.9 The Wrapper accepts no liability for the condition of the vinyl wrap once it has been ordered and delivered. Any issues with this (e.g. Scratching, damage to the vinyl) should be taken up directly with the manufacturer.

1.11.10 If vinyl is supplied to us by a customer for use on a vehicle wrap, the following terms and conditions apply.

1.11.11 Your vehicle wrap will be excluded from our warranty.

1.11.12 The Wrapper can refuse to use the vinyl at any point during works before works commence and during the wrap.

1.11.13 The Wrapper will not cover any financial losses that you experience using The Wrapper to wrap your vehicle with vinyl that you have provided.

1.11.14 The Wrapper will require you to disclose where you have sourced the vinyl from and the overall quality of the vinyl.

1.12 Unacceptable Actions Policy

1.12.1 Physical or Verbal violence towards any member of our team at The Wrapper, our customers, or other parties around the business park will not be tolerated.

1.12.2 Customers who we believe to have breached this will be asked to leave the business park, and if they refuse to do so, the police will be asked to escort you off the premises.

1.12.3 At The Wrapper, we believe that our customers and services users have a right to be heard, understood and respected. Occasionally, certain actions by people using our service can make it very difficult for us to deal with their enquiry or concern. In a small number of cases the actions of some individuals become unacceptable because they involve abuse to our staff or our processes. When this happens we have to take appropriate steps. We have to consider whether the action impacts on our ability to do our work and to provide a service to others. People may act out of character in times of trouble or distress. We do not view an action as unacceptable, just because a person is forceful or determined. However, we do consider actions that result in unreasonable demands on our staff to be unacceptable. It is these actions that we aim to manage under this policy. There is a range of actions we consider to be unacceptable; these are:

1.12.4 Aggressive or abusive behavior:

- We understand that people can become angry when they feel that matters about which they feel strongly are not being dealt with as they wish. If that anger escalates into aggression towards our staff, we consider that unacceptable.

- Any aggression or abuse directed towards our staff will not be tolerated.

- Aggressive or abusive behaviour includes language (whether verbal or written) that may cause staff to feel afraid, threatened or abused and may include threats, personal verbal abuses, derogatory remarks and rudeness.

- We also consider inflammatory statements, remarks of a racial or discriminatory nature and unconstrained allegations, to be abusive behaviour.

1.12.5 Unreasonable Demands:

- A demand becomes unacceptable when it starts (or when complying with the demand would) impacting excessively on the work of our staff. Or when dealing with the matter takes up an excessive amount of staff time and in doing so, disadvantages other customers or services users.

- Repeatedly demanding responses within an unreasonable timescale.

- Demanding responses from several members of staff on the same subject.

- Insisting on seeing or speaking to a particular members of staff when that is not possible.

- Repeatedly changing the substance of an enquiry or complaint or raising unrelated concerns.

- Repeatedly posing a question time and again, when a response has already been given, because the individual may not like the answer they have received.

1.12.6 Unreasonable Levels of Contact:

- Sometimes the volume and duration of contact made to our staff by an individual causes problems.

- This can occur over a short period, for example, when a large number of calls or emails are received from the same person in one day. When we are dealing with a complaint or enquiry, this may occur when a person repeatedly makes long telephone calls to us or indicates to us with emails or copies of information that have already been sent or they are irrelevant to the substance of the complaint or enquiry.

- We consider that the level of contact has become unacceptable when the amount of time spent talking to an individual on the telephone, or responding to, reviewing and filing emails or written correspondence, impacts on our ability to deal with the matter, or on our responsibility for carrying out tasks relating to other members of the public.

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